lunedì 25 ottobre 2010

Welcome to my blog

Every time I listen a good italian song, I thought it was really a shame that not italian speakers could not know neither understand that little piece of modern art. Yes: modern art. Music and poetry are two of the "seven arts": music, architecture, painting, sculpture, poetry, dance and acting. So modern songs can be defined as a fusion between music and poetry.

Obviously, not every modern song can be art, as like not every painting or every sculpture is art. But some of them are art, without any doubt. As you know, art is a kind of message that can stimulate emotions, senses and intellect, and some modern song can stimulate emotions, senses ad intellect through their music and lyrics.

In this blog I'll choose some italian songs that, in my humble opinion, can be defined as art because of their lyrics. I will also try to translate them correctly in english and comment them with notes and explanations of difficult or hermetic steps.

I hope you'll like my idea, and don't forget to leave some comment: I'll very appreciate it.

So, let's start.

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